Through Finance Day, FANAF (Federation of African Insurance Companies) and AFIG Funds’ primary objective is to position the African insurance sector in the broader framework of the financial markets: with over USD 50 billion of collected premiums per year, the African insurers show a growing interest for financial strategies that will help them further grow these savings. In fact, in the last fifteen years, the investment portfolio of our sub-region insurers has remained almost unchanged despite unprecedented growth of their revenues. The insurers’ portfolio essentially includes real estate investments (potentially risky), term deposits and low yield debt securities.

FANAF and AFIG Funds felt it was time to bring African insurance in the global market trend and to meet the companies funding needs with the insurers need for alternative investment strategies through a more effective intermediation, while abiding by the standards established by the regulatory framework. Finance Day aims to facilitate this evolution particularly by encouraging discussions and providing ground for thought on the subject.

Finance Day is an exceptional occasion to interact with outstanding professionals in the Finance, Insurance and Re-Insurance sectors. It has become a major event for the African private sector. It gathers 500+ participants, 135+ companies and 27 countries. Click on the images below to explore the 2016 brochure and program, the 2013 edition brochure and the history of the event since 2010.