Our investment process is characterized by:

  • A rigorous investment selection process.
  • Early identification and close monitoring of the operational and business risks.
  • Negotiation of favorable investment terms and conditions.
  • Maximization and diversification of exit/liquidity options.

We generally combine a top-down investment strategy with a bottom up approach by starting with a careful analysis of regional and country economic and industry trends that make certain sectors attractive. Leveraging our local relationships, our team then analyzes the companies within those sectors to find the best potential investment candidates. The companies that we target have a strong local presence and significant opportunities for growth and value creation. The companies will also have capable and responsible management and a market advantage such as long-term contracts, strategic location, first-mover advantage, recognized market leadership, more advanced technology or a unique expertise.

Once a company is identified, we will perform extensive financial, technical, operational, legal and environmental due diligence to determine whether it meets our investment criteria. We will generally seek significant minority stakes and structure our investments to ensure strong shareholder rights, including board representation. We will work closely with our portfolio companies and have developed tools and partnerships to add value in ways ranging from analysis of strategic issues to recruiting senior management.